Tongs Crucible Holder Handle For Pouring Casting Cup Graphite Holder Tong 13 (2 E) Noveltools

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  • Overall Length: 14 - 355mm

  • Pliers Handle Body Length: 5 - 130mm

  • Holding Diameter Capacity: 2 - 2-7/8

  • Made of Round Stainless Steel: 1/4 - 6mm Diameter

  • Weight: 9oz.

Crucible tong has a pliers type grip handle rubber coated, it is designed to hold a range of crucibles. Handle is ideal for holding, moving or pouring molten metal. Tongs are made of 1/4 Round Stainless Steel and measure 13 in length overall. Handles have a non-slip PVC coating. Tongs Jaws are made of round stock material and are capable to grab and hold various Graphite Crucibles from the 1/2 Kilo Size to the 2 Kilo capacity sizes. ( See last 5 Pictures of the small to Large crucibles being held with this tong.)