Sewing Tape Measure | Retractable | 60-Inch Measuring Tapes For Easy Use With Sewing, Crocheting, And Knitting

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  • SEWING & CRAFTING TAPE MEASURES - Pack of 2 by Humble Crafter

  • PUSH BUTTON RETRACTABLE - 60 inch tape measures retract when the button is pressed

  • AUTO LOCKING FUNCTIONALITY - As the tape measure is extended, the tape measure locks until retracted using the button

  • BOTH UNITS OF MEASURE - One side of the tape measure does american measurements, the other side uses the metric system

  • HIGHLY DURABLE & ACCURATE - Helps improve product & crafting quality and is an easy measuring tape have lying around

At Humble Crafter we believe in providing the Highest Quality crafting products at the Best Price Possible. That's why we've brought you our Sewing Tape Measure 2-Pack. These 2 measuring tapes, both with centimeter and inch measurements up to 150 cm and 60 in respectively, are meant to make your next project as easy as possible.

The retractable functionality requires just the click of a button, and is much more organized than a loose measure strip. We also use flexible vinyl in our tape measures to ensure the most durable and long lasting product is given to you.

We thank you for choosing Humble Crafter and we hope this is yet another product where we provide exceptional quality at the lowest price.