Rose Red Photochromic Pigment 2G

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  • This is SUN pigment!

  • Watch it change from no color into colorful as it gets in the sun!

  • Fun stuff to use if you want to do hidden messages or pictures.

  • Make your own nail varnish, fairy jars, car paint, or whatever else your imagination comes up with.

  • This item is NEITHER Glow in the Dark NOR UV Reactive.

  • Color : rose pink, rose, cerise, pink

Photochromics are white/off-white when not in sunlight. Place them in sunlight & watch the color come out- more & more until their full color potential is achieved! Mix this pigment into your clear paint bases, dye bases, ink bases, clear nail varnishes, etc. We cannot guarantee or recommend that mixing this into already colored paint will provide the same results as when mixed into an uncolored base or medium. Some experimentation on your part may be needed if you wish to do otherwise. ALL PHOTOS/IMAGES PROPERTY OF GLOMANIA & PROGLOW USA