Ring Stretcher Ring Sizing Machine With 15 Dies For Stone Set Enlarger Tool

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  • Set of Dies : 15 Nos

  • Dimension of Dies : 1 mm - 4 mm

  • Dimension of Ring Roller : 18 mm Dia,Thick-7 mm

  • Wood/Plastic Container : For the Roller Dies.

  • Overall Machine Dimension : 180(L) X 85(W) X 100(H)mm

Ring Enlarger is a rapid & Cost effective tool to stretch or expand sizing all kinds of finger rings. It can size stone set ring without any risk of damaging stones or the rings Colet. Excellent solutions of variants sizes of ring design and precision machined to smooth work done for ring Colet and stone set ring. Characteristics Ring Enlarger is a rapid & cost effective tool. This is specially design for expanding and stretching shanks of stone set ring. Variety of shank sizes and shapes like as flat, curved, concave rollers manages to all type ring sizes. Well Design & damage free operation than the other tools. The tool has 2 flat collect, 1 fixed and other changeable & Extra 15 collets are also included. It can be used as a simple to shanks compress and achieve a great enlargement. Great looking polished & mirror shine. For best result fix the machine on a working surface with 3 screws (Not included). Reasonable Structure for long life uses. Work steadily and noise less activity.