Polyester Sewing Thread Sets-Naledi 30 Color Sewing Machine Thread Polyester Spool Each Roll 250 Yards Assorted Colors Sewing Thread For Embroidery Machine

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  • Medium length: 250 yards per roll, a total of 30 reels (because the lines are tight, the same length of the size may not be exactly the same)

  • Bright colors: 30 colors to meet all your color needs (may be slightly different from the colors shown in the picture)

  • Material ultra-durable: the use of polyester material high-strength line, with high strength, good elasticity, stitch smooth and beautiful, wear-resistant, low prices, rich colors, not fade, shrinkage, In many occasions, instead of cotton sewing thread.

  • Wide range of applications: can be used for cotton fabrics and blended fabric clothing sewing, can also be used for sewing knitted garments, denim, sportswear, leather products, wool and uniforms and other sewing. Is a good partner for knitting, sewing, any hand weaving, tea bags, embroidery, DIY

  • Noteworthy: not suitable for large industrial sewing machine high-speed operation, high-speed sewing clothing easy to plug the eye, resulting in suture fracture

  • Color : Multi

  • Size : 30

Material: Polyester
Specifications: 250 yards each volume of 30 colors, 30 volumes / bag
Color: 30 colors, the order of emissions random
Size: Total height 2.37inch Plastic tube diameter 0.39inch Overall thread diameter 0.78inch
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