Paracord Survival Bracelet | Set Of 2 | Hiking Scraper, Emergency Whistle, Compass, Fire Starter, Bottle Opener, 6 In 1

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  • Ultimate Survival Bracelet to add to your Pack 6 in 1 Bracelet

  • Compass - Fire Starter with Scraper - Emergency Whistle

  • 10 feet of 7 Strand Military Grade 550 Paracord

  • Bottle Opener is great for attaching to Cooler handles making sure you have it where you need it and it doesn't come off

  • Fits Wrist Up to 8.5 What you Get: 2 Black Paracord Survival Bracelets Dimensions: 9 in length x aprox. 1 inch width

Quintessentialz Presents The Ultimate Survival Bracelet 6 in 1.

1 Compass - We made sure if you got a compass it would work. But remember that all metal can interfere and disrupt the compass from working properly. When using the compass make sure to un-clip the bracelet so that the metal scraper is not near the compass as it will interfere with reading. Also make sure that compass is not near a magnet or metal belt buckle when taking a reading. The compass should be relativity level for the best reading.

2 Fire Starter - Start a Fire with the flint bar and striker on the ends of the buckle. Press hard and down to create a spark.

3 Scraper - Use the metal fire scraper (it is removable by pulling it out) to shred tinder or as a small flat head screw driver.

4 Emergency Whistle - High pitched and loud. In an emergency situation a whistle signals to anyone around to come looking for you and that you need help. While yelling maybe your first inclination to call for help, a persons voice can only be heard at short distances, while a Whistle can be heard above wind and through Woods much further and for more than a mile in right conditions.

5 Bottle Opener - Whether wearing it, clipping it to your backpack, luggage, or Party Cooler, having an extra bottle opener around always comes in handy.

6 550 Paracord - Military Grade 7 Strand Paracord when unraveled is approximately 11 feet in length.

Wrist Size - Will fit most wrists, From edge to edge the bracelet measures 10 inches long, and 9 inches when buckled. Fits Wrist sizes up to 8 to 8.5 . How to measure to make sure it will fit you: 1 - Take a measuring tape and wrap around your wrist, if it is less that 8.5 inches when taught then it will fit. Or 2 - Take a String or cut or fold a piece of paper and wrap around your wrist, mark the spot when taught. Measure with a ruler, if less than 8.5 inches then it will fit.

Thank you For your Purchase Have a Great Week Quintessentialz :)