Innovia Imports Magnetic Ironing Mat

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  • The padding of this mat is Made from a Fine grey quilted polyester-cotton fabric that is designed to withstand high heats up to 500 Degree

  • This ensures that you can iron your garments without damaging the padding itself or the surface underneath

  • The padding contains four heavy-duty Sewn into each corner. These magnets will attach to any metallic surface you place the mat over, giving you a secure hold while you iron

  • Color : Silver

The mat measures 23.5 x 21.5 so it should fit fully atop most standard sized washer or dryers. The lightweight but flexible design allows the mat to be rolled up, folded flat, or hung up between uses for space-saving storage. Its portability makes it ideal for travel as well. If can also double as a convenient padding protector for your washer or dryer year round, keeping the top exteriors safe from dust, scratches, and other minor surface damage. Quilted top heat-resistant pad offers a wider workspace than an ironing board. Polyester, cotton, 33 1/2 x 19 . magnet pull force is twice as strong as any competitive item currently on the market perfect for use on top of washers, dryers or table tops and even beds transforms any metallic or flat surface into an instant ironing board