Henta Plastic Body Forms | Clothing Retail Store Mannequin (Clear, Toddler, Set Of 10)

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  • Set of 10 Baby Infant Size Plastic Forms. Each plastic body form measures approx. 20.75 L x 11.25 W x 3.75 D

  • Universal Baby Size Plastic Form can be used for Both Boys AND Girls Infant Apparel.

  • Excellent instant display for onesies, dresses, shirts/shorts. swimwear or other baby apparel. Made from plastic, Set is for Clear Color

  • New Innovative Side Ridges/Ribs to Help Apparel Stay On your Display. Long Lasting and reusable. Products nest together for easy storage. Contains top hanger hook for easy hanging.

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Our Baby Infant Size Plastic Body Forms create instant display so put on your newest & cutest baby outfits, onesie pajamas, dresses, shorts/shirts, swimwear, or other baby apparel...

For a minimal investment you can add a great display for your products or a great upgrade to any store hanging system.

Available is sets of 10/set in clear color at wholesale prices.

Exceptional quality at an exceptional price.

Measurements: Torso Length (minus Top Hook): Approx. 16 inches (this measures from Bottom of Torso to Shoulders Only)

Shoulder Width: Approx. 11.25 Inches (from Left to Right)

Waist Width (including Ridges): Approx. 7.5 Inches (from Left to Right)

Belly Button to Thigh Length: Approx. 6.5 Inches

Belly Button to Shoulder Length: Approx. 9.5 Inches

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