Fredrix Pro Dixie Canvas Kit 40X60

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  • Stretch your own canvas

  • Includes all necessary hardware

  • Transport oversized canvases with ease

  • Features 17.5oz primed cotton canvas

  • Stretched Canvas measures 40 by 60 inches

  • Color : White

Assemble your own 40 by 60 inch Fredrix Pro Dixie Canvas with this kit by Tara. Perfect for artists that work large, each kit comes in a compact box and is designed for easy transportation. The cotton canvas is primed with acrylic titanium and provides a substantial tooth that can be used with acrylic, oil, alkyds and more! The canvas comes pre-attached to a stretcher bar with the remaining canvas rolled around. Included are stretcher bars, corner and cross braces, screws, clever lever and instructions. You will need a screwdriver and staple gun (not included).