Early 1800S Regency Era Stays Pattern

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  • Early 1800s Stays. Fits busts 28 -50 . All sizes included in one envelope.

  • Regency Undergarments, Regency Stays, Regency Corsets

  • Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Predjudice, Sense and Sensibility

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RC834 - Early 1800s Stays. In the early Regency period, the style was to discard corsetry and appear as nature intended . But women who weren't blessed with the perfect figure still used foundation garments to form their bodies into the fashionable shape. This is a pattern with complete instructions and historical notes for the light, short-waisted corsets or stays circa 1800 based on extant and pictorial examples. Fits busts 28 -50 . All sizes included in one envelope. Embellishment suggestions included. Suggested Fabrics: plain or twill weave linen or cotton lightweight cotton or fine linen for lining 5oz. linen for interlining Yardage Requirements: Outer Material 1 yd at least 45 wide lining 1 yd at least 45 wide interlining 2 yards at least 45 wide Notions: thread 7mm or 1/2 half oval or round reeds or 1/2 corset boning silk ribbon, cloth tape or leather for binding corset lacing