Dark Red 1Mm Waxed Polyester Twisted Cord Macrame Bracelet Thread Artisan String (30Yards Skein)

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  • Color: Dark Red

  • Diameter: 1mm

  • Sold per 30-yards skein

  • The cord will burn beautifully for strong and nice finish (by using any kind of fire - lighter, candle etc)

  • Perfect for: Macrame projects, Friendship bracelets, Knotted jewelry, Scrapbook making, Leather works, Quilting & Stitching thread!

  • Color : Red

Medium waxed (sticky) 100% polyester cord is much more durable than cotton cord, these cord will not stretch, break or fade easily. The thickness is approximately 1mm, but feels like 0.8 ~ 0.9mm when pulled tight! This cord will fit most small holes, 2-ply cording, which means you can split the cord into two tiny cords since the thread is tightly twisted. It will not fray overtime as it tends to happen to other common cord and will create wonders when woven by creative hands.