Creative Images Color Slide

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  • Print your own color images for your next art project

  • Bake at 376 F to secure design to glass

  • Includes 10 sheets, 8-1/2 x 11 each

  • Includes instructions

Favorite color photographs or works of art can become part of your next masterpieces Imagine adding color designs to your stained glass, mosaic or ceramic projects. Use pictures from clip art, the Internet, photos, even your children's artwork. Simply print your design from a color laser printer or *color copier. Then soak in water, slide onto glass and bake at 376 degrees Fahrenheit to secure your design. 10 sheets, 8-1/2 x 11 each. Includes step-by-step instructions. To view, click on View User Manual . Cardinals panel by artist Karina Foster. Turkey panels by artist Julie Haan. Basket of Flowers panel was made by artist Kayleigh McGrath using Creative Images Color Slide and basket cluster #443243. J necklace by artist Julie Haan. Bottle project and holiday panel by artist Kayleigh McGrath. Stained glass box by artist Steena Gaut. *Note: Works with color copiers, including commercial models. Not compatible with inks from All-in-One style Inkjet copier/printers.