Colorations Washable Chubby Marker Smart Pack - Set Of 300 (Item # Smartpak)

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  • More of the most popular colors

  • Includes multicultural colors

  • Vented cap

  • Nib measures 1/2 L x 1/4 Dia

  • Entire marker with cap measures 5-5/16 L x 1/2 Dia

We made it just for you! 20 bright colors with premium washable ink! Sturdy, nylon, conical tip is pointed for making both fine lines and filling large coloring spaces. (More of the most popular colors; Includes multicultural colors; Vented cap; Nib measures 1/2 L x 1/4 Dia; Entire marker with cap measures 5-5/16 L x 1/2 Dia; 30 each in yellow and red; 22 each of green, black, magenta, blue; 16 each of orange and purple; 12 each of turquoise, brown, lime green and violet; 10 each of tangerine, spruce green, gray and pink; 8 each of peach, tan, cinnamon and olive; Non-toxic) Colorations Washable Chubby Markers do not contain the following common allergens: (Does not contain Latex; Does not contain Dairy & Casein; Does not contain Egg; Does not contain Gluten; Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut; Does not contain Soy) - Discount School Supply Item # SMARTPAK