Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylic Medium Set

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  • 5-Piece set of 2oz Mediums for use with Atelier Interactive Acrylics

  • Binder Medium can be used as a sizing to seal surfaces

  • Use Clear Painting Medium dilute viscosity and increase blendability

  • Thick Slow Medium dilutes paint without making it runny

  • Use Unlocking Formula in the Mist Sprayer to reactivate paint

  • Color : Multicolor

A 5-piece set of Atelier Interactive Paint Mediums for a wide variety of unique painting applications. Included are: 2oz (60ml) bottles of Binder Medium, Clear Painting Medium, Thick Slow Medium, Unlocking Formula, and a Fine Mist Water Sprayer. Binder Medium can be used for sizing canvas to seal the surface, Clear Painting Medium can be used for glazing techniques, Thick Slow Medium slows drying time, and Unlocking Formula used in the Water Sprayer re-opens a paint layer even when it's dry so areas can be re-worked or even removed.