10 Square Braided Cotton Wicks Pre-Tabbed Size 2/0 Wicks 9 Long

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  • 10 Square Braided Cotton pre-tabbed Wicks size 2/0

  • Coated with Beeswax

  • wicks with standard size tabs 20mm x 3mm neck

  • Wicks length: 9 Long

  • 100% cotton wick

  • Color : white

This listing for 100% Cotton wick square braeded Waxed Wicks with tabs size 2/0. 9 inch Long . Contains NO Lead or Zinc. Standard size Tabs 20mm in diameter with 3mm neck. * Each wax burns at a different rate, Beeswax comes from many regions and different shade and scents, whether its filtered or not, and whether organic or not. all these factors have alot to do with burning rate of your candles. Best advice is to test your products. Thanks for Looking