Hengda Kite 136 Led Night Kite Soft Cloth Ufo Flying Saucer Super Bright Led Luminous Kite

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  • You are unique, you like to go beyond,you have a dream,you get power, You never take success as your destination, and success is your name.The led light kites,hail to the great life. It seems only a little difference of very good and good! This difference is just called flashing. Happiness only real when shared, while hide ordinary,its just called MAN.Only love life, can work. Good health, to win, to control the future.

  • This kite is more popular in recent years, a kite, changing and diverse, can fly day and night, to attract the attention of many, to bring you a different experience, is a very entertaining game for all types of people and equipment.

  • Flying the kite can not only improve the relationship between you and your child, but also help your child to develop an optimistic attitude. Kites can make the person's mood cheerful and happy. Due to the highly centralized spirit when flying a kite, so will remove the heart of your thoughts.

  • Learning how to launch and control a kite will help your kids develop coordination and critical thinking skills in a very practical setting. Not only that, but they'll feel the thrill of success when they finally see their huge Kite fly.

  • Size:290cm*145cm 136 LED Batteries are not included.Need the type of 18650(3.7v)batteries.

  • Color : 136 LED-290cm*145cm

1. seductive, prevention of myopia 2. Can intimate contact with nature, good for your health 3. The open heart, eliminate distractions 4. prevention of cervical disease remission 5. enable quick thinking, flexible hands and feet.