Golf Cart Battery Repair Refurbish Kit

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  • Information and directions to refurbish 6 golf cart batteries

  • comes with chemical mixes for 6 batteries

  • Directions and chemical mixes included you will just need distilled water to refurbish 6 batteries

  • Works aprox 80% of the time on weak and poor running golf cart batteries

  • For $13.99 its worth the effort to refurbish your batteries before you spend 6x$120=$700 on new batteries

We Own a local buisness that sells Used Golf Carts and have use a method to refurbish weak and poor preforming golf cart batteries. This method has been around for years but the battery companies do not want you to know about it why would they you use two house hold products and it saves you from buying $700 worth of new batteries!Everyone with an electric battery powered golf cart sooner or later faces the problem of weak batteries, poor power and slow charging of the golf carts batteries. We have a method that works aprox 80% of the time and will recondition or refurbish your batteries. It uses two houshold materials. We supply one and we will need you to supply some distilled water (69 cents per gallon). Each year when we get in used golf carts we experience some carts with poor preforming batteries we try this method on those carts before spending $700 on a new set of batteries. We have had awsome success and sell on other internet sites with rave reviews. What do you have to lose?....its worth a shot and works 80% of the time. It will NOT work if the batteries are/were frozen, dry or have dead cells. The new mixture cleans off the lead plates which get gunked up over time and cause the battery to not preform to its full potential. We see batteries regain life that lasts from months up to years with this process. Our KIT includes the directions on how to refurbish the 6 batteries in your electric golf cart and has the six chemical mixes that you add to distilled water to preform the process. Does it work 100% of the time...NO nothing works 100%... BUT it helps about 80% of the time and at $13.99 worth a shot to save you buying all new batteries at $700!!!! We give you the directions to follow you remove some fluid from each battery and then add the new solution and more often than not you will soon see battteries with increased power, longer run time and better charging ability. This method cleans off the lead plates and allows the batteries to function better