Tru-Colour Bandages Skin Tone Flexible Fabric Bandages (Orange Bag) -

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  • A bandage that will blend in with darker skin tones

  • The flexible fabric allows the bandage to move with you

  • Each badage is individually protected in a sterile wrapper

  • Bandages are contained within a resealable, waterproof bag makes them easy to take anywhere, even the pool

  • Bandages are latex free

  • Size : 2 Pack

Have you been searching for a bandage that matches your skin tone? You are tired of having to choose between beige and cartoon characters. Clear bandages don't work either, as they still leave a big white gauze patch on your skin that doesn't hide the wound either. Tru-Colour Bandages exists so that you finally have a in bandages to match your skin while you heal. Each bag contains 30 total skin-tone bandages; 15 medium (56x19 mm) and 15 larger (72x24 mm) bandages. Say good-bye flimsy bandage boxes. Our bandages come in a resealable, waterproof bag perfect for Mom's purse, a duffle bag, or glove compartment. We currently have 3 different skin tones available. The green bag is our lightest skin tone that we offer, which is still darker than most bandages sold in stores today. Started by an adoptive dad whose kids need a bandage almost daily, but whose kids didn't match the color of bandages. Now Tru-Colour is the standard for multi-cultural bandages. Caution: Our bandage wrappers are manufactured with natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.